Monsta Infinite – Axie Infinity Inspired Game on the Blockchain!

Monsta Infinite is an NFT play-to-earn game that is aiming to create a decentralized game universe where players can have fun, compete, and win big. Originally intended to be a fox of Axie Infinity that acted as a lower entry cost alternative, the game quickly adapted to address some of the most troublesome aspects of Axie infinity. Some of the issues the team recognized in existing NFT games (and Axie Infinity, for that matter) were their prevalent “pay to win” nature, the overpopulation of pets and characters, and an absence of player hierarchy. If you have ever played any of these games, you probably know what they are talking about.
The pay-to-win issue is not limited to NFT games, though. It has been an issue for gamers before blockchain became increasingly popular in gaming. Those who spend the most money have access to better gear, characters, and skills that allow them to compensate for a lack of skill. This results in unbalanced games and a bad experience.
Monsta aims to solve these issues by creating a new experience based on Massive multiplayer online role-playing games and Multiplayer Battle Arenas, with a crypto twist. By using some of the solutions used by some of the most popular games of this genre, the team behind the game believes it can create a game with long-term sustainability.
The gameplay of Monsta Infinite allows the game to be friendly and interesting to players from several backgrounds and levels of experience. In the game, players own ancient and mythical creatures known as “Monsta”.


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