HOLDER Finance – HODL The Line!

A brief overview of the Holder Finance offerings reveals some very interesting strategies and some highly lucrative long-term hold benefits from the company. Besides the rewards for HFi token holders, the company has an extremely high scarcity with the total supply release over 10 years. The total supply of tokens is extremely limited, a fixed amount of 1000. Just 1000. On top of that, the primary product and focus of the company is HolderSwap, a Decentralized platform allowing for Uniswap trading completely gas-free. 1000 total supply might not mean much for some of our newer users, but seasoned Crypto investors can immediately identify that heavily limited scarcity ensures insane value per token. Many other projects supply tokens in the millions of billions of trillions. Seriously, just a thousand tokens are almost unheard of! The potential value of each token is truly staggering, it ought to be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars each!


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