Gaming and blockchain is a match made in crypto heaven. I have lost count of how many of my videos these years have been related to gaming-related projects… Both industries have so much synergy that it seems there is always a new project with a twist.
Well, the project I will be talking about is harvesting the power of blockchain to help new games make it to the market. Game Station is the first multi-chain gaming launchpad and marketplace built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Solana, and Polygon.
This platform is looking to solve some of the major problems that the industry experiences, which affect developers, gamers, and gamers alike. First, as I already said, developers have issues launching games due to how lengthy and expensive the process is, not to mention the difficulties that a monopolized industry entails. Second, gamers have no real say over how their digital assets are managed, which means they are effectively renting them instead of owning them. In a perfect world, gamers should truly own their in-game assets, have the ability to run tournaments, and create communities around the games they enjoy playing. This is where Game Station comes into play. By facilitating all of the stages of the life cycle of a videogame, it makes it easier for all parties involved to get what they are looking for. If you are a gamer you will be familiar with part of the cycle of the conventional mode for most indie games: Someone has an idea for a game, they gather a team, they announce the game and crowdfund it, they start developing the game, new ideas come up and the original game grows in complexity, more team members are needed, more funding is needed, the development advances while the team looks for a publisher, the publisher makes demand and negotiations take place, the original vision for the game adapts depending on this negotiation, the game is published, and then the developer needs to keep it fresh.

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