ETHpad – The First Decentralized & Deflationary IDO Platform inspired by EIP-1559 on Ethereum!

So What is ETHPad and why am I so amped about it? ETHPad is a BlueZilla-designed initial dex offering (IDO) platform based on Ethereum, the second-biggest blockchain by market-cap. ETHPad is not just an Ethereum IDO platform, but it also has an incubation program for new projects. Noticeably, the native ETHPAD token is used as a multi-utility token throughout the ETHPad ecosystem, including the ETHPad app. As a crypto investor, you will definitely not want to miss the opportunity to invest in these promising projects. But another question is: How can you find these potential profit machines in their initial stage, especially when they are Ethereum based? I think ETHPad is the place to find the best projects blasting into the Ethereum ecosystem. There are websites or aggregators that can help you find early-stage crypto initiatives before they go mainstream and we call them Crypto Launchpads. These launchpads are a lot like the cryptocurrency equivalent of a potential projects list. ETHPad was created to help projects get the support they need, and assist crypto investors in finding great platforms to back in their early stages. ETHPad is also delivering expertise and marketing strategies to new projects at their earliest stages. When it comes to ETHPad, there are two main parts that you have to understand. Both the ETHPad network ecosystem and the ETHPAD token work together to make an amazing platform.

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