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The Envoy Network is looking to usher in a completely new and fresh era of Digital Collectibles and NFT assets. A core vision that enters the open marketplace with strategic partnerships and lucrative deal flow established, it should go without saying that Envoy is on the precipice of booming and reaching new heights. The technology behind creating and developing NFTs is well-established and has been able to offer an interesting utility to multiple projects so far. We’ve seen a number of use cases ranging from the sale of unique artwork to blockchain gaming applications with future projects looking to utilize the underlying NFT technology for Identity Document purposes. However, NFTs in the digital art realm largely exist within a speculative environment. It should go without saying that an NFT minted by Budweiser or Twitter is guaranteed to be worth some money. But how can be value a random NFT created by some unknown artist? This is a major issue across the NFT space, this backwards approach of creating an NFT service and thereafter back peddling and looking to bring big names to guarantee quality NFTs with decent valuation. This is where Envoy sets itself above the rest. Bringing forward a huge team of industry experts that are looking to address the many issues, challenges and limitations that the current NFT sector is facing. Through an extensive and multi-pronged plant, Envoy is looking to offer custom and tailor-made solutions to all its creators.


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