EOS Marks Fifth Anniversary, Celebrates Several Milestones: The Launch of EOS EVM

The EOS protocol is celebrating its 5th anniversary.
It is acknowledging more than a thousand days of uptime alongside EVM launch.

EOS Network Foundation, the technology firm behind the growth and development of the EOS Network is celebrating five years since its mainnet went live. 

Per the Press Release shared with Crypto-News Flash, the foundation considers this anniversary a monumental milestone following its undisrupted network activity since 2018. It is also to be applauded for achieving over 1,800 consecutive days of uptime which proves it to be the world’s most reliable, highly-performant blockchain network of all, according to the foundation.

Upon its launch in 2018, the EOS Network ranked amongst the most reliable, powerful and robust Layer-1 networks in the industry. Part of its early achievements was eradicating CPU miners that threatened its progress. Secondly, the EOS Network became China’s Centre for Information Industry Development’s number one blockchain.

EOS Network Within Five Years

In these five years, the EOS Network has achieved so much including the outstanding launch of the EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

Ahead of the official launch of EOS EVM for Solidity developers, a new testnet went live at the end of March. The EVM is focused on promoting interoperability between the two largest networks in the market, thereby bridging the gaps between blockchains, developers and the end users according to Yves La Rose, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the EOS Network Foundation.

This is in addition to the cheap transaction fees, ultra-fast transaction speed, and the deployment of mass-scale Decentralized Applications (DApps) which developers on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain stand to gain. At the time, La Rose described the EOS EVM as a significant milestone and represents the network’s commitment to a multi-chain future.

Already the Foundation had pledged its commitment to invest $20 million in GameFi and EOS EVM projects. So far, EOS has completed more than 100 million transactions in a day. Also, the EVM completes 950 Swaps per second making it the fastest EVM in the market. It has become the first choice network for those seeking high performance, throughput and reliable uptime.

Plans for More Value Addition

More recently, the EOS EVM v0.5.0 reached code completion and is waiting to go live on the mainnet. The code completion births the era of Yield+ on the EOS EVM. Yield+ is of utmost value to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem in different ways. It is a form of reward program which helps to attract DeFi DApps and boost the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the EOS network. 

As the foundation celebrates its anniversary and milestones today, it is also a good time to highlight some opposition that the protocol has encountered. 

For more than two years, the community members waited for Block.one, the original developer to fulfil its promise of a tangible investment, all to no avail. There were several attempts to gaslight the community and this led to the introduction of many initiatives that never saw the break of light. Eventually, this was what brought about the birth of the EOS Network Foundation under the leadership of La Rose.

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